SNOW YEARS is a small book of poems dedicated to upstate New York, and all of the beautiful people whose lives entered mine during the time I spent there. I grew up spending time in the mountains of the Adirondacks and the Catskills, searching for swimming holes in the summer, and hiking snowy peaks in the winters. When I left D.C. to go to college, Hartwick was the perfect place to find myself ending up in. The school sits at the northern foothills of the Catskills. After graduating I moved to Brooklyn; rode the 2/3 train, stared up at the skyscrapers with wide-eyes, and tried to take in as much as possible every day. SNOW YEARS is my ‘thank you’ to that six-year period.


One Print Copy.



SNOW YEARS was made possible with the help of so many friends from New York and D.C. Thank you to everyone who has read various drafts, talked with me about word choice, and encouraged me.

This book, along with more of my work can be found on Instagram @emilleisadora.

The cover art was made by the incredibly talented artist John Lupo. His work can be found on his Instagram page @lupoavanti.

Thank you to Greg for all of your help with formatting and design.

Thank you to Sarah, Rachael, and Geoff for inspiring me, and ultimately pushing me to make this book.

Thank you to Kyle for building out this site.

Thank you to everyone who picks up a copy…I hope it makes you feel something!